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Tailwise supports you and your family on your journey to becoming a responsible dog owner.

We will help you find a dog that suits your lifestyle, connect you with verified breeders and support you and your pooch throughout it's life.

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Tell us what kind of lifestyle you have, your tastes and your budget and we'll find you the right dog.


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First dog? No problem! We're here to help you through the joys of pet ownership with personal advice and tips.

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Connect with ethical, trusted breeders to have peace of mind knowing your dog is healthy.


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All Tailwise dogs get lifetime support including access to great trainers, vet services and even dog walkers.

Why you should be Tailwise

Did you know 40% of dogs purchased in the UK come from puppy farms?

These dog breeding operations disregard the health of dogs in order to maximise profits. Dogs from puppy farms often have long lasting behavioural problems and illness. Most buyers don’t even know they are buying from a puppy farm as they’re often disguised as genuine breeders.

For Dog Buyers

Find dogs that are best suited to your lifestyle, buy from trusted ethical breeders and access lifelong support and education.

For Dog Owners

Already got a dog? You can still benefit from our great lifetime support, advice and dog management tools.

For Dog Breeders

Unlock a larger market of genuine dog lovers wanting to buy healthy, happy dogs. Transparency and choice with verified buyer profiles so you know you’re doing the best for your litter.

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