The Tailwise mission

40% UK dogs are Puppy Farmed

Tailwise started because I was appalled at the way my girlfriend was offered a puppy farmed dog in 2016. Looking into the problem I discovered a £300m+ pound illegal industry, exploiting man’s best friend.

What are Puppy Farms? Why should I care?

Puppy farms are dog breeding operations where the health of dogs are disregarded in order to maximise profits. Farmed dogs often have behavioural problems, become ill and may have to be euthanised.

When you’re adding a new member of the family, making a 10-15 year purchase decision, you want to get it right.

As someone who has grown up with dogs, I want to help stamp out the way they are being mass produced, abused and people being duped.

Coming from the tech industry, I know that we can help upgrade the buying process, educate people and equip them with the tools to find the right dog and become responsible owners.

If you believe a dog is member of your family use TailWise and join the revolution.