Why The Breed Matters More Than The Looks

Not long ago the trend was to “wear” a handbag sized dog as a fashion accessory. More recently, the UK has unfortunately become pug crazy, with merchandise galore and more fashion options for that particular breed than many humans have access to!

But a dog is for life, not just for Christmas and a lot of people come back down to earth with a bump when they realise that even the cutest puppy grows up to be a dog that needs a great deal of care.

Which means the starting point when buying a dog has to be which breed would best match your lifestyle, not which one would look the sweetest or match your own sense of style.

Why does a dog have to match your day to day lifestyle?

Different breeds have very different requirements and personality traits and there is a lot more to owning them than their outward appearance.

For example, English springer spaniels are adorably affectionate dogs, easy to train and often very attractive. But they are also extremely energetic, need a lot of exercise (including off the leash if possible) and they are known for being “pullers and chewers”.

Springer Spaniel

That adorable pug may look great and match your cushions, but if your children want a breed for playing fetch, rough and tumble in the garden and long walks, that poor little pooch will find it hard to keep up the pace - not to mention the high chance of vet bills thanks to their many health problems as a brachycephalic breed.

Need a quiet, gentle companion for unconditional love? Well, there quite a few breeds of dog that offer those qualities. Consider a Bichon frise or even a Old English sheepdog if you’ve got a bit more space.

When choosing the right dog, it’s easy to immediately think of buying the cutest dog in town but it’s important for new dog owners to do their research to truly understand how a breed will fit to your daily routine.

Our plan at Tailwise is to help you through this process, matching you with the perfect dog and connecting you with smart, helpful and certified breeders who can guide you on your path to being a great puppy parent.

It really does pay to take time and get expert advice before you take your pet home. That furball may be as cute as a button, but the day will come when looks won’t matter one bit; instead, your dog’s size, temperament or exercise needs are going to be your biggest concern.