A smart way to earn and promote your dog breed club

Generate extra income for your breed club through Tailwise’s unique platform while also helping your responsible breeders find the best homes for their litters.

Whether you are a dog club of gentle Golden retrievers, Collies, Cocker spaniels or the loveable Corgi, Tailwise welcomes the opportunity to build partnerships with trusted and ethical dog breed clubs.

Generate extra revenue for your club and receive £10 for every breeder and new dog owner who transact on our platform.

Help puppy buyers find the best breeders and avoid puppy farms.

Tailwise service is 100% free to your club.

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How We Can Work Together


Include Tailwise in your dog breed club’s monthly newsletters.

Link to Tailwise

Link to Tailwise on your dog breed club website.

Spread the Word

Present the Tailwise platform at your AGM or invite us to present.

Extra benefits for your club

We are an organisation advocating for the welfare of dogs and responsible breeding.

We charge a £95 flat fee per dog placed to the new dog parent with £10 going back to your dog breed club.

  • Your club can facilitate helping connect breeders and owners whilst earning an income.
  • Future dog owners welcomes a new family member.
  • Puppy gets a new home.
  • Tailwise celebrate that there is one less dog from a puppy farm.

Contact us on 0330 043 5301