One of the most popular hybrid dog breeds, Cockapoos bring together all the best traits from the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Intelligent, playful and loyal, they make fantastic family pets and are notoriously good with children. These people-oriented pups are always eager to please, which coupled with their high intelligence, make them easier to train and so a great choice for first time owners.

Also known asCockerpoo or Spoodle or Cockerdoodle
SizeToy, Small, Medium
Typical lifespanBetween 14 - 18 years
Height range25 - 38 cm (Male)
25 - 38 (Female)
Average weight5 - 12 kg (Male)
5 - 12 kg (Female)
Coat typesSmooth, curly, dense, thick in length, Short, Medium, Long coats
Lifetime cost£20000

Important to know

General health

Obesity risk

Excercise needs

Energy level





Tendancy to bark

Tendancy to chew

Tendancy to drool

Prey drive

Good for first times

Good with kids

Good with strangers

Good with animals

Dig a little deeper

Where did I come from?

Although hybrid dogs are often seen as a modern fad, Cockapoos were first established in the USA in the 1950s, making them one of the oldest hybrid dog breeds. It is not known whether the first Cockapoos were purposefully bred or a happy accident but it's easy to see why the mix became popular.

Despite their popularity in America, the breed was first introduced in the UK around 10 years ago but has garnered a huge number of adoring fans since its arrival, thanks to their loving, loyal temperaments. Although there are Cockapoo clubs that hope to make the dogs an established breed, there is still much debate over the large amount of variation in the breed. This is also down to the differences between first generation (F1) Cockapoos and those bred by the mating of two Cockapoos (F2), with F1 pups generally seen as the more 'stable' type.


Owner Requirements

In order to be a responsible owner to a Cockapoo you should be able to provide the dogs with all of these requirements.

Needs a home that is very small, small, medium, large or very large

The outdoor space should be small, average, large or acerage

Requires regular daily exercise of at least thirty minutes.

Shouldn’t be left alone for any longer than four hours.

Doesn’t need much grooming at all, once a month should be fine.