Cocker Spaniel

Renowned for their gentle friendly natures, Cocker Spaniels are consistently one of the nation's favourite breeds. These gundogs were bred to help hunt for game but are just as happy working in the fields as they are spending time with their family. Cockers are incredibly versatile dogs who are always eager to please, this coupled with their high intelligence mean they are generally easy to train, making them a great choice for first time owners.

Also known asCocker or English cocker or Spaniel or Merry cocker
TypeKC Pedigree
Typical lifespanBetween 11 - 12 years
Height range39 - 41 cm (Male)
39 - 41 (Female)
Average weight13 - 14.5 kg (Male)
13 - 14.5 kg (Female)
Coat typesSmooth, Silky in length, Medium coats
Lifetime cost£13000

Important to know

General health

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Excercise needs

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Tendancy to bark

Tendancy to chew

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Dig a little deeper

Where did I come from?

Spaniel type dogs have a long history, with some believing that they accompanied the Romans when they invaded Britain in 55 BC. It is generally accepted that Spaniels originate from Spain and that the word 'Spaniel' originates from the country's name.

Spaniels were originally all grouped together as one breed with only a distinction between land and water Spaniels. Land Spaniels became particularly prized during the 1600s for their adaptability to different terrain when working to drive out birds for hunters to shoot. As their popularity grew, Land Spaniels began being bred to be more specialised resulting in them becoming classified as different types by weight. This system meant that a mother could give birth to a Cocker, Springer and Sussex all in the same litter!

By the 1860s any Spaniel weighing under 25 lbs was classified as a Cocker Spaniel. After the success of Spaniels resembling modern day Cockers in 1879 from the Obo Kennel, created by James Farrow, the breed began to gather enthusiasts who started deciding on breed traits. Finally, in 1885 Cocker Spaniels were given a breed standard, establishing them distinctly from the other Spaniels.

Cocker Spaniel

Owner Requirements

In order to be a responsible owner to a Cocker Spaniel you should be able to provide the dogs with all of these requirements.

Needs a home that is very small, small, medium, large or very large

The outdoor space should be average, large or acerage

Requires regular daily exercise of at least thirty minutes.

Shouldn’t be left alone for any longer than four hours.

Doesn’t need much grooming at all, once a month should be fine.