English Springer Spaniel

This highly spirited and characterful dog will melt hearts with its playful personality and affectionate nature. A classic gundog originally bred for retrieving game, it has evolved into the ideal family companion. Now one of the most loved breeds world over due to being receptive to training; patient, well-mannered and even tempered to other pets and children including toddlers. Also, known as a 'sniffer dog’, the English Springer Spaniel is now often used to detect drugs, explosives, money and even people due to its acute sense of smell, agility and natural inquisitiveness.

Also known asSpringer or Springer Spaniel or Norfolk Spaniel
TypeKC Pedigree
Typical lifespanBetween 10 - 15 years
Height range46 - 51 cm (Male)
46 - 51 (Female)
Average weight23 - 25 kg (Male)
16 - 20 kg (Female)
Coat typesSmooth, fine in length, Long coats
Lifetime cost£21600

Important to know

General health

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Excercise needs

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Tendancy to bark

Tendancy to chew

Tendancy to drool

Prey drive

Good for first times

Good with kids

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Dig a little deeper

Where did I come from?

It is believed that Spaniels can trace their origins back to Spain where Romans were thought to have introduced the breed to other parts of Europe. In the late 14th Century, a book written by Gaston de Foix called "Le Livre de Chasse", meaning "The Hunting Book" described a dog used to flush out game on both land and water. It is believed by many enthusiasts that this dog was the ancestor to today’s Springer Spaniel.

Over the centuries, the Spaniel breed has evolved several times: From the 16th Century when there was a difference between Land and Water Spaniels, to the 17th Century when the Land Spaniel was divided into two types – Springing Spaniel and Crouching Spaniel - and finally the 19th Century when the Springing Spaniels were divided again into the smaller breeds named the 'Cocker’ or 'Cocking’ Spaniel and the slightly larger, English Spaniels or Field Spaniels.

In 1903, English Springer Spaniels were officially recognised and exhibited in the show ring. In 1906, Beechgrove Will was the first English Springer Spaniel to be awarded the Challenge Certificate and the first female of the breed to win a championship was Fansome.

After the First World War, English Springer Spaniels grew in popularity and in 1921, the official English Springer Spaniel Club formally launched. Since then, many respected breeders have sprung into action trying to protect the pedigree of this most agreeable dog. This remains true to this day and by 2008, the English Springer Spaniel was among the top 10 most popular breeds in the UK.

English Springer Spaniel

Owner Requirements

In order to be a responsible owner to a English Springer Spaniel you should be able to provide the dogs with all of these requirements.

Needs a home that is small, medium, large or very large

The outdoor space should be average, large or acerage

Requires regular daily exercise of at least thirty minutes.

Shouldn’t be left alone for any longer than four hours.

Doesn’t need much grooming at all, once a month should be fine.