Jack Russell Terrier

This tough little terrier is bold, feisty and full of energy. Jack Russells are a popular choice throughout the world thanks to their larger than life personalities and loving and loyal natures. Originally bred to assist their owners in fox hunting, Jack Russell Terriers (or JRTs) are extremely athletic and love to run, play games and generally keep busy. Thanks to their friendly characters and high intelligence, they generally make great family pets and get on well with children.

Also known asJack or JRT or Jack Russell
TypeKC Pedigree
Typical lifespanBetween 13 - 16 years
Height range25 - 30 cm (Male)
25 - 30 (Female)
Average weight6.4 - 8.2 kg (Male)
6.4 - 8.2 kg (Female)
Coat typesSmooth, Wirey, Dense in length, Short coats
Lifetime cost£13440

Important to know

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Where did I come from?

The Jack Russell's story began in the 1800s when Reverend John Russell developed a distinct type of dog through selective breeding starting with a white coated Fox Terrier. Reverend Russell aimed to create a dog that would assist him on his fox hunts, being able to drive the foxes out from their underground burrows without killing them. The Jack Russell continued to be developed by enthusiasts after the Reverend died. From there, two types of Russell Terrier were born; the Parson Terrier for rougher, uneven territory, and the Jack Russell Terrier for the flatter ground of the South of England.

Development of the JRT continued further in Australia after a large number of them accompanied their English owners to the country for work. They became extremely popular in Australia and were favoured for their skill at controlling vermin on farmland.

It is thanks to this development and standardisation of the breed in Australia that Jack Russells finally became an officially recognised breed in 2016.

Jack Russell Terrier

Owner Requirements

In order to be a responsible owner to a Jack Russell Terrier you should be able to provide the dogs with all of these requirements.

Needs a home that is small, medium, large or very large

The outdoor space should be average, large or acerage

Requires regular daily exercise of at least thirty minutes.

Shouldn’t be left alone for any longer than four hours.

Doesn’t need much grooming at all, once a month should be fine.