Yorkshire Terrier

These tiny terriers make fantastic companion and family pets because of their loyal and affectionate personalities. Bred to hunt vermin, Yorkies are energetic and lively and have a strong instinct to protect what is important to them, which is usually their family who they form a strong attachment to. Their closeness to their owners, coupled with their high intelligence make them generally easy to train and a great choice for first time dog owners.

Also known asYorkie
TypeKC Pedigree
Typical lifespanBetween 13 - 16 years
Height range20 cm (Male)
20 (Female)
Average weight3.2 kg (Male)
3.2 kg (Female)
Coat typesStraight, fine, silky in length, Long coats
Lifetime cost£15400

Important to know

General health

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Excercise needs

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Tendancy to bark

Tendancy to chew

Tendancy to drool

Prey drive

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Dig a little deeper

Where did I come from?

As the name suggests, the breed’s origin lies in Yorkshire, working as ratters in the mills and factories, but its exact heritage is mostly unknown as there are no written records documenting its beginnings. It is thought that one half of the Yorkie’s ancestors arrived with Scottish workers that moved to Yorkshire to work in the mills during the Industrial Revolution. These terriers crossed with English dogs to create the Yorkshire Terrier. It is thought that a wide variety of breeds contributed to the Yorkie, including the Maltese, Skye Terrier, Dandie Dinmont and the Manchester Terrier.

A Yorkie named Huddersfield Ben born in 1865 is considered the foundation of the modern Yorkshire Terrier. Before his success the breed had been shown as a form of Scotch Terrier but was later renamed to reflect its origin story and its distinction as a separate breed. The Yorkshire Terrier became officially recognised in 1874 and soon became popular as a companion animal due to its small size and big personality.

Yorkshire Terrier

Owner Requirements

In order to be a responsible owner to a Yorkshire Terrier you should be able to provide the dogs with all of these requirements.

Needs a home that is very small, small, medium, large or very large

The outdoor space should be no outdoor space, small or acerage

Requires regular daily exercise of at least thirty minutes.

Shouldn’t be left alone for any longer than four hours.

Doesn’t need much grooming at all, once a month should be fine.