Puppy Pack

Poops bags and FoodPuppy pack collectionPuppy pack collectionPuppy pack collection
Puppy pack collection
Unscented Poop bags & Puppy Food

The Tailwise puppy pack has everything you need to welcome home your new dog. In conjunction with Beco Pets we have tailored the essential collection of products.

This is offered exclusively to Tailwise at a discounted collection price!

We chose Beco because they offer environmental friendly dog products, made from sustainable materials such as bamboo.

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What you get!

Unscented Poop bags270 large and strong bio degradable bags. Cater for most poop sizes and will break down once disposed of. Has a recycled cardboard core and fits most bag dispensers.
Puppy foodGrain free, free range turkey with pumpkin and spinach; high in protein; amino acids and good fats. Extra glucosamine added to support growing joints and bones.
Travel Bowl(M) A collapsible travel food and water bowl. It is made from flexible and hardwearing BPA free silicone.
2X Dog Bowl2(M) Made from natural BPA free bamboo, the Beco bowl is dishwasher safe, strong and durable. It naturally bio-degrades once disposed off.
Randy racoon(M) Stuffing free which makes this toy safer and less messy. The upcycled plastic bottle tough cover is double stitched for extra strength.
Hoop on rope(S) A tough natural rubber hoop on a cotton rope. The springy hoop gives the dog some flex when pulling and is great for teething puppies.
Food scoopBPA free, natural bamboo, rice husk and dyes. It has a rigid handle and a capacity of 500ml. It naturally bio-degrades once disposed off.
PlacematThe easy clean non-slip placemat has a raised rim to catch any spillages. It is made from BPA free durable silicone and is designed to fit our bowls.