A smarter way to rehome dogs

We'll help you find the best new homes for your rescue dogs. Through the Tailwise platform, you can manage the dog data, health, waitlists, and all communications. Tailwise will verify buyers with our proprietary AI and match them to the right dog.

Charity rehome

The Process

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Contact us

Register for a charity account at Tailwise, it only takes 5 minutes. Complete the profile and wait for the callback from us. We will call you within the working day.
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List your dogs

Once the profile is verified, Tailwise can assist in listing your dogs. Adding photos, health data. Bringing your charity profile to life
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We help place dogs

We notify you of new verified seeker applications, through our management tools you can approve and start a secure conversation or decline without fuss.

How we work

1. The dashboard provides easy acceess to create waiting lists from your established data and ongoing seeker profiles. We can aid in the data transition.
2. We provide detailed data profiles for your dogs, Initially, we get in touch to learn more about your dogs and aid in creating the required information.
3. We list your dogs, substantially increasing your marketing reach by advertising your dogs on our platform, maximising potential for your dog to be rehomed.
4. We ease the process of application by giving you an immediate insight of the verified buyers household details. You can accept or decline using your dashboard.

What's in it for us?

We charge the 'seeker' a £95 platform fee per dog placed. However we donate 50% of this fee back to you! This fee allows us to maintain the intergrity and improve features of our service. We hope you agree with Tailwise that this is big win for the dogs!

Frequently asked questions

How do you monitor availability of rescue dogs?

Our rehoming partners must use their Tailwise dashboard to ensure availability of dogs is kept up to date.

How is the data maintained between Tailwise and its dog charities?

Tailwise integrate with rehoming charities easily and setup takes all of 10 minutes.

What information does Tailwise need about the rehoming partner to setup?

Tailwise completes checks to make sure our rehoming partners are legitimate charities and so we need to know information like the rehoming name, charity / company number, address and email.

Are there any requirements for the rescue dogs to be advertised on Tailwise?

All dogs being rehomed are required to have had been microchipped, vaccinated and have had behavioural assessment.